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Last Minute FemTech Gifts for Women & People with a V

Your bestie does not need another face mask. (Or maybe they do? You know them better!) But if you're feeling stuck and want to be the group chat hero, we've got some great ideas for you!
Here are 8 #femtech gifts you can order today and have delivered digitally!

For the one who loves to talk about sex

1) Boob Blurb Party Game


2) The Steam Box Book & Toy Combo


For the one who's pregnant

3) Ruth Health Pre & Post Natal Support

4) Anja Cord Blood Banking

For the one who super does NOT want to be pregnant

5) Aavia Smart Birth Control Case

6) Adyn Birth Control Test

For the eco-friendly menstruator

7) Femly Box Plant-Based Period Care

8) Flex Reusable Menstrual Disc

Happy shopping from The POV team!

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