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We Launched the "Credit Karma" for Female Health: Here’s Why

It all started when we decided to open a Gynecology clinic in NYC. Malia had spent the last 5 years working in "big health," but when the health system failed her personally, she saw an opportunity to create a friendly, affordable option for the next generation. Kirti had been an OBGYN in community hospital systems for over 20 years and saw firsthand how lack of education leads to poor health outcomes.

"My IUD migrated out of place. It happens and it wasn't necessarily anyone's fault. Here's what should never happen: It took over 3 years of advocating for myself before a doctor would remove it."  - Malia

Certainly, the good people of NYC could benefit from a new clinic, but we soon realized the opportunity to help was far greater. Women and vagina-owners across the country face threats to their reproductive rights, rising healthcare costs, gaslighting from mediocre clinicians (it's hard to find the good ones!), and the black hole that is health insurance. Meanwhile, a pandemic rages on.

"In my time working as a physician over 20 years, I've seen health insurance change drastically. Coverage has degraded while costs have increased. These changes have led to less access to vital healthcare and poorer outcomes." - Kirti

The silver lining in all of this? Hundreds of entrepreneurs, clinicians, and supporters have answered the call, creating a new industry called 'FemTech'. In the last few years, billions of dollars have flowed into 'FemTech' and 'Digital Health'.  The result? Hundreds of new clinics, virtual care services, apps, products, and tools designed to empower women and vagina-owners. It's an exciting time! But where do you, the patient, get started?

New to digital health? Check out our 101 on digital health vs. telehealth!

We started The POV as a community helping women and vagina-owners to make informed health decisions in the digital age. Adding 3 more diverse women to the team has broadened our perspective and allowed us to build this amazing community. We hope our library of articles, checklists, guides, and quizzes will be helpful, and sometimes fun! Looking for care now? Check out our Modern Healthcare Marketplace!


Malia Funk

Dr. Kirti Patel (OB/GYN)

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