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  • The birth control test mailed to your home with all materials included + return packaging and labels
  • After mailing your samples, you must complete a medical questionnaire including a recent blood pressure reading
  • Results take up to 4 weeks to process and are explained to you during a live telehealth consult with an Adyn clinician

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Alee S
I found my experience with adyn to be incredibly empowering. I was able to make a more informed decision about my next birth control post-baby. After going through a pregnancy and IVF with lots of changing hormones along the way, it was liberating to understand where and how my body had changed and how to best find the right medication at this point in my life.
Lily H
I like the overall experience and how even just doing it has empowered me to want to learn more about birth control. I wish this information was more readily available for people.


Patient quality
This test is considered emerging technology and does not yet have strong clinical evidence to support its accuracy. We've chosen to include it on thePOV because there's nothing else like it available and there are early signs of patient success. You cannot get this testing and analysis done at your doctor's office. So, if you want to get the most possible information on your body to make an informed decision about birth control, this is a good option.
Approach to Health
The Adyn test is based on emerging clinical evidence, which they plan to strengthen via their ongoing clinical trial. As a company founded by a female scientist whose own experiences were dismissed by doctors, Adyn also trusts and values lived experiences. They approach test results and consultations from a lens of staying curious about your body to more easily find what works.
Diversity & Inclusion
Adyn focuses on finding clinicians and team members who align with their mission. They are a predominantly female team. The science behind the test is based on over 50 peer-reviewed clinical studies. This is a great practice, but it's important to note that any biases or lack of BIPOC representation in the original studies are then carried forward into the test. Adyn stated they emphasize DEI to clinicians "through a collection of readings, assessments, and activities."
Pricing & Insurance
At $369 ($294 with coupon), this product is not easily accessible for most people. I'm not saying the price isn't justified. Taking into account what you get: a genetic test, a hormone test, analysis of your results, and a consultation with a licensed provider - this is actually GREAT value. It's not Adyn's fault that insurance plans stick up their noses at emerging technology, especially when it benefits female bodies.
I, Malia, tried this test and it was one of the easiest at-home tests I've ever done. This test has a lot of moving parts to ensure proper saliva and blood collection, but the instructions were detailed and the materials clearly labeled. Or, you can do your sample collection live via Zoom with an Adyn team member. After sample collection, you fill out a detailed medical history questionnaire. All of your info is housed directly in their clean, aesthetic patient portal.