Food and Mirth

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  • A 'health at every size' (HAES) approach to nutrition focused on healing your relationship with food and movement
  • An initial 90-minute session to set a baseline followed by 60-minute sessions as needed
  • Recommendations that consider your background, beliefs, culture, religion, access to food, and access to medical care
  • A free 15-minute consultation to get to know Emily & 10% off your first full session using code LOVETHEPOV10
All states (Virtual)
Los Angeles
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Patient quality
Emily has a joyful, empowering attitude with patients. She founded her practice on the basis of removing toxic diet culture from nutrition. She is just starting out (Spring 2023) and we hope to up her rating to 5-stars once we get a few testimonials from POV members!
Approach to Health
Her approach to nutrition is extremely thorough and holistic. It's her goal to understand each client's culture, beliefs, living situation, health history, and preferences before creating a care plan. She practices clinical nutrition and therefore does not advise on eastern medicine or alternative medicine.
Diversity & Inclusion
Emily has conducted research on the intersection of food insecurity, race, socioeconomic class, weight stigma, and disordered eating. She is dedicated to understanding how underserved populations are affected by “the system" and finding workable solutions.
Pricing & Insurance
Emily offers flat rates for her virtual sessions based on income. Her standard rates are $240 for an initial session (90 minutes), followed by $160 for follow-ups (60 minutes). Individuals earning less than 400% of the federal poverty line pay $180 and $120 per session instead. Overall, her rates are low to average compared to similar clinicians. Emily offers a free 15-minute consultation to where she can help you determine if you qualify.
Sessions are conducted via Zoom. If necessary, Emily utilizes Recovery Record, an anti-diet app for meal and wellness tracking.