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  • An interactive DIY program shown to produce a significant reduction in genital pain and improvement in sexual satisfaction after 12 weeks
  • Tools to track progress, reflect on emotions, and schedule activities (such as guided use of pelvic trainers)
  • Ongoing support from coaches specialized in psychology, sexual health, and pelvic pain
  • Some adorable European accents

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I tried dealing with my vaginismus on my own through online forums and educational videos, but it was so hard to break my cycle of negative thoughts. This program helped me get out of the pit and stay on course
I hope you can help many more women lead a more liberated life. This program taught me never to lose sight of myself or my sexuality


Patient quality
The program is extremely patient friendly and offers access to high-quality, clinically vetted information. The self-guided nature is both a benefit for access and a challenge for accountability. While an official diagnosis is not required, many patients may still choose to seek in-person diagnosis or exams before using the program.
Approach to Health
HelloGina incorporates the latest scientific findings related to genito-pelvic pain. The program was validated via randomized clinical trials. They do not incorporate eastern or functional medicine. However, they take a holistic approach by addressing pain management, sexual fear, and pelvic floor muscle tension simultaneously - truly a mind-body approach.
Diversity & Inclusion
Not only does HelloGina use inclusive language throughout modules, but they also receive ongoing feedback from focus groups including BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals. Those who are hesitant to join the program can participate in free support circles to anonymously ask questions. Their goal is to provide a low-threshold access point for people from marginalized groups who might be dealing with stronger stigma in mental and sexual health.
Pricing & Insurance
HelloGina is truly unique in that nothing else currently exists on the market with this much clinical rigor or usability. It costs $289 to access the program for 1 year. Considering this is around the cost of seeing a specialist ONCE, we think this price is more than fair. However, it is still not accessible to everyone. HelloGina aims to be accepted by insurance plans in the future.
You can access all of HelloGina’s modules, tools, and coaches via a single easy to use platform. When it comes to healthcare, that is amazing.