Lasa Health

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  • Screen yourself for common Endometriosis symptoms with their science-backed quiz
  • Free mobile app for tracking Endometriosis symptoms and learning about related medical conditions
  • Upgrade for $9.99 / month to access a self-guided crash course on living with Endometriosis
  • Ongoing support from fellow Endometriosis patients including licensed clinicians ready to answer questions or lend a compassionate ear
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Patient quality
This app is designed to teach patients about Endometriosis, effective treatments, and how to live and thrive with the disease. This is extremely important given the rampant misinformation and pseudoscience circulating social media. Given Lasa is a new product, we're hoping to see both patient and provider testimonials that affirm it's usefulness.
Approach to Health
Lasa emphasizes science-backed information and therapies for Endometriosis. They do a great job of covering "traditional" medical care (like you would get from an OBGYN) while also discussing the proven benefits of physical therapy, nutrition, and some alternative therapies like acupuncture.
Diversity & Inclusion
Lasa recognizes that Endometriosis impacts people across race, gender, and socioeconomic differences. Their product is great for improving access to accurate information and compassionate support.
Pricing & Insurance
Several features are free, including symptom & menstrual tracking plus a library of info on different medical conditions and how they relate to Endometriosis (i.e., Acne, Diabetes). However, the true gem in this product is the 12-week Endometriosis course, which costs $9.99/month to access. Despite being mapped for 12 weeks, you could technically bang it out in a single month. We feel this is a fair and accessible price point. However, Lasa hopes to improve access further by becoming an insurance benefit. That will be awesome, but don't put off care - getting in-network with insurance takes 18+ months.
We love that this app was designed by an Endometriosis patient with knowledge of public health. Overall, the app is designed well. One caveat, there is A TON on information and different moving parts, so make sure you set aside some time to explore the various features.