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  • Personalized diet & lifestyle support for PCOS and hormonal health based on functional & clinical evidence, including bloodwork
  • The signature 'PCOS Program' includes 30-min visits (45-min initial consult) with a dedicated registered dietitian, health coach, and care coordinator for $89.99/month
  • When you're ready, you can switch to the 'PCOS Flex' program to continue working with your health coach for $9.99/month
  • Care plan, recommendations, lab results, and scheduling are all housed in one app

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Patient quality
Pollie's care team approach to functional treatment is the gold standard for helping patients make and maintain lifestyle changes. You get 30-minute visits (initial 45-minute consult) with your registered dietitian in addition to support from a health coach. By all accounts, their dietitians and coaches are the best part of Pollie. They are specialists in functional treatment for hormonal health and do a great job of listening to and supporting patients.
Approach to Health
Pollie's team takes a functional approach to healing PCOS through diet & lifestyle changes. Their care recommendations, lab testing, and other protocols have been vetted by OBGYNs, but they do not offer OBGYN/medical care. Your Pollie nutritionist can help you decide if/when you need medical support in addition to lifestyle changes. We had several conversations with the founders to make sure patients are being advised appropriately on the differences between western medical care and functional support.
Diversity & Inclusion
The Pollie team developed a training module for culturally competent care. This includes education, guidelines, and readings on care for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities as well as info on cultural factors such as language, socioeconomic status, religion, disabilities, and neurodivergence. This module is a pillar of onboarding for future care team members. In their interview process, they include questions specifically designed to gauge cultural competency by asking "what would you do in this situation..."
Pricing & Insurance
At $89.99/month, Pollie is priced extremely well. The cost of seeing a registered dietitian alone is typically double that. Even if you have insurance, this type of specialty care is unlikely to be covered (pre-deductible). They're able to offer this pricing by operating 100% virtually (save on overhead) and using an app specifically designed for PCOS care that helps the team stay efficient. Once you get in a rhythm with your care plan, you can switch to the PCOS Flex program for $9.99/month.
We love that everything is included in one app. However, it's a lot of information and moving parts! Make sure you take time to familiarize yourself with the different functionality and know where to access key items like your care plan, scheduling, and educational resources.