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  • Prescriptions, care plans, and medical history available via text
  • Messaging available 5 PM - 10 PM EST (hours to be expanded)
New York


Patient quality
Allows patients and caregivers to communicate via text with a specialist in adolescent health. Clinicians are able to diagnose, counsel, and prescribe medication for the most common concerns. They cannot provide in-person care but are prepared to make referrals.
Approach to Health
Clinicians at Thread take a collaborative approach to care leveraging the latest in medical research.
Diversity & Inclusion
Clinicians can offer counseling and support to LGBTQ+ patients, including questions related to gender affirming care. All clinicians have received formal training in avoiding racial biases in medicine.
Pricing & Insurance
Currently offering introductory pricing of $15-$20 / month for membership, including unlimited chat support and access to educational resources for both teens and parents.
To maximize convenience for teens and parents, Thread is currently conducting all patient communication via text message (encrypted on the back end). They may roll out an app in the future. Note: sensitive conversations will be escalated to video.