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  • Spa-like office offering snacks, CBD-infused water, and comfy robes
  • Clinicians support holistic practices & integrative medicine
  • $20 initiation fee and $15/month membership
New York
Los Angeles
Anonymous, 34
I went to Tia and had a very good experience. I did want to say that they only have 1 size of gown, and they are not big enough for people with large bodies. They were able to give me 2 gowns, but this might be uncomfortable or traumatic for someone else.


Patient quality
Best known for beautiful, unique office spaces, coordinating OBGYN, primary care, mental health, acupuncture, ultrasound, care coordination, and more all under ‘one roof.’ Reports are mixed, with some patients swearing by their visits and others complaining of wait times and poor communication. Regardless, Tia does seem to stay true to their core value of listening to women.
Approach to Health
Tia’s approach to incorporating holistic wellness into Gynecology, Primary Care, and Mental Health is a best-in-class example of how clinics and providers can modernize healthcare.
Diversity & Inclusion
Openly advocates for diversity & inclusion in medicine, offering safe, inclusive care for LGBTQ+ individuals and sharing education on disparities faced by BIPOC patients. We were unable to confirm whether clinicians have received formal training in these areas.
Pricing & Insurance
Membership is required at $15/month with a one-time $20 initiation. For visits, they accept major commercial insurance plans. They also offer cash prices for visits, which are slightly above average.
Tia designed their technology platform from scratch. The user design is much more friendly and practical compared to other patient portals. Some patients have cited issues with communication, medical records, scheduling, and billing.